05 March, 2014

February Favorites

It's FINALLY March! Feb seemed like the longest month ever, even though it's the shortest. Whatever.

March is lovely because marvelous flowers will grow and butterflies will swarm like they only have a week to live...... ahem.


While I'm talking about it, here is also my favorite photo I took in Feb. I think it captures the essence of the whole day. Gorgeous!
I had a super awesome time with my brother, sister and boyfriend at the National Date Festival in Indio, CA. 

Contrary to popular belief, (if you're not from Southern California), The dates they are referring to is the little brown fruit that grows on Palm Trees. They sure don't look appetizing, but we shared a "Date Shake" and it was delicious! It reminded me of a vanilla coffee shake... yum! I cannot wait to go back next year!

Favorite Video

Next on my list is my favorite music video that I (re)discovered last month. I just LOVE her style especially in the beginning (the beach scenes are blech but still)... It's super fun to sing along to AND it has a great message. Girl Power!

Favorite Song

Hopefully you're familiar with Doctor Who, because It's in my top 5 favorite shows of ALL TIME. That being said this is probably my favorite episode of the ENTIRE SERIES (that I've seen). So you need to give this wonderful song that is musically and amazingly epic and SO beautiful. Give it a try and listen to at least half, if you're not thinking how glorious this song is then... ok, weirdo ;p.

Favorite Things

I was lucky enough to score these mint green heart-shaped sunglasses for $5 and they are lovely! I also have a red pair, and I had three before that that either broke or got lost.
I was also blessed enough with the mint blouse with a Peter Pan collar that I ordered back in January, but it's too cute to not do an outfit of the day with it so I'll be taking photos soon!

Thanks for reading! I LOVE comments so feel free to request other favorite things or anything in general. I'm also going to Disneyland soon so watch out for an EPIC post!

Think Lovely Thoughts!

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  1. The Amy Studt song is such a throwback to my younger years haha, I remember it being popular when I was in school! I love this post and your list of favourites, the photos you took are lovely and your sunglasses were such a bargain. I had no idea dates grew on palm trees! xxx