10 February, 2014

January 2014 Favorites

I've been wanting to do these posts for a while and since I need inspiration... here goes! (btw this is all totally random and sorry it's late)

Favorite Video

I'm not completely sure why I love this video so much. It just makes me want to dance because the choreography is amazing. I never even watch this show but, to me this is wonderful.

Favorite Song

adore Kimbra... her music is marvelous and her dancing moves are most awesome ;) This song (and video) and very catchy (slow at first) and you'll not regret hearing it!

Favorite Outfit

This is so cute! I would wear this everyday. Lace and Tulle? YES PLEASE. I'm also loving the lace boots... darling! I am also obsessed with flower/twig crowns.

Favorite Nerdy Things

I've been wanting this dress for at least a year or two!

The most loveliest socks.

Favorite Photo I Took

That's all for now... January was pretty uneventful and I can't think of anymore subjects. think lovely thoughts.

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