14 May, 2013

I'll set sail when the wind is fair

Hello readers! I apologize for the lack of updates (if anyone cares/notices) but I have been going through a lot of series of unfortunate events that have kept me from blogger and most others sites. I'm keeping this journal for the positives in my life, and decided to start another journal hidden in the dark side of the internet. It will be completely unrelated to this journal and basically used for therapy. The only way to find it is to ask me directly at lovelythots@hotmail.com.

I will give the link to most everyone who asks, even if I don't know you. So if you're interested in what is REALLY going on in my life, just ask :)

I will still be updating this journal when I am able to, which will hopefully be more often. Comments are more than appreciated, they help me stay here! Thank you to everyone that has left me sweet comments and care about me... I cannot express how happy it makes me.

See you real soon!

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