26 April, 2013


 Just in case you haven't heard,  Eisley just released two new tracks off of their new album "Currents" coming May 28th!

    The first single I'm reviewing in "Currents" (which to me should represent the album since it is named for the song, or vise-versa.... anyway, you know what I mean) 
At this time I've only listened to it five times, and I'm finding that I like it better and and better each time I listen to it... which is a good sign, but not great. I'm not a huge fan of the electric vibe, I wish it was violins like their previous stuff, but I realize they have to mature. They definitely have, though, all three singers/sisters have had babies whilst making this album!
     I'm looking forward to learning this song, it is pretty catchy and well, just listen for yourself!

The next song is entitled "Drink the Water" and I absolutely love this song. The piano medley is perfectly lovely and the strings in the background are very dreamy as you hear a true siren singing it's luring love song to oblivious pirates out at sea.
 It's VERY much like a Sucre song, which is probably why I like it so much. I'm pretty sure it's Stacy King (of Sucre) singing too, but I could be wrong since all three girls sound so very much alike. I am so very happy with this album so far and have no doubt that I'll love each and every note.

 Either way, I am SO excited for this album and I can't WAIT to see them in Hollywood this summer!!!!! This will be my second time going and hopefully I can meet Christie again, and Stacy and Sherri and Chauntelle!!

Another outfit of the day post coming soon!

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  1. I saw they had released a couple tracks but hadn't listened to them until now. They are both wonderful! I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.