13 February, 2013

New Talent Tuesday - Krystal Meyers

Am I ever going to actually post these on Tuesday instead of Wednesdays? I guess the world will never know, but I'll try! Yesterday was very busy as I had to work all day and run errands. But alas, it's my blog and I can do what I want. So this week we are highlighting the VERY lovely and talented...

Krystal Meyers 

 Oh man, so much to say about this lovely lady! She has been in my life for almost eight years! She has gotten me through some incredibly tough times. When I listen to her first album now I immediately think about the 30 minute bus ride I had to take everyday from my Florida apartment to work at Disney's EPCOT center, which are wonderful memories, obviously.

I love this song because it's one of the very few that I can remember exactly where I was everyday while this song came onto my CD player, because I listened to them in order, not even skipping ONE track. 
If I was headed to work, I would be walking to my locker while this song came on. If I was headed home, I would be walking from the bus stop to my apartment while thinking of a silly boy I liked. I just love how vividly I can remember these things!

"Sing for me one more song // Play for me one more time...
I can feel you though you're not here // Your voice whispers in the breeze that you are near"

This next song got me through an incredibly difficult time in my life. It helped me through SO much pain & it's hard to listen to sometimes without tearing up because it is just powerful and emotional.

"I wanted to hear your words my whole life // but now they cut me like a knife...
Hiding under the covers, crashing dreams // Am I your lover or your enemy?"

Krystal Meyers is from Orange County and made her first album when she was only SIXTEEN. Even though I am not very religious and generally don't like Christian music, I couldn't care less about that with her because she doesn't throw it in your face and it's extremely well written, especially for a child! But especially for anyone!

Last video and least.... my very old, un-sober me attempting to learn an editing program so made a video for it. I don't care for it but it was my first go so whatever, and I'm still obsessed with this song, and the lyrics totally reflected me back then. It's very dark.

"Such a dangerous attraction // I'm flirting with fire
   A desire reason just can't tame // I'm gonna regret this"

According to various sources, she has only made three albums, then quit to get married and become a minister. I can only hope she makes an album again one day!!

Are there any bands you'd like me to check out? I'm in need of new music! Also, subscribe so you can see more posts coming soon! :)

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