06 February, 2013

New Talent Tuesday - The Honey Trees

                                                               It's that time again! 
              NEW TALENT TUESDAY

(because it sounds better, and even though I am writing this on Wednesday. Uhg, whatever! It will be Tuesday from now on.)

I have been so busy! I recently had a scary trip to the dentist which resulted in me being ill for the entire weekend. Then my neighbor died from an apparent seizure due to too much alcohol (and meth too, probably... ) and that was totally freaky because I witnessed a lot of it. But then ... I GOT A JOB! I am official Beauty Consultant at Macy's! I've been training for the last few days so I've been pretty busy. But that most likely means I'll post about make-up and outfit of the days, since I get to wear cute outfits and NOT uniforms!

On with the show... this week I am highlighting:

The Honey Trees are an amazing dream-indy band featuring Becky Filip and Jacob Wick from Sacramento and San Lius Obispo, California.

I found out about them back when I still lived in California, and I've proudly introduced them to quite a few people that love them and get to see them. They're music is very nostalgic for me from when we lived in Southern California. So it's been at least a couple of years that I have just loved them to pieces. Every.Single.Song.
They are extremely flawless. I cannot wait until I can see them live. Though they'll probably be super popular by then, especially since they just recorded their first album with Jeremy Larson. And everyone knows that that pretty much means this album will be perfection.

Becky Filip is extremely talented and beautiful. Her voice is like a dream, and I would go as far as saying I like it at least the same as Stacy DuPree (I know..... WHAT!?)
And even though sometimes listening to them brings some bad memories (stupid pointless story), I can't help but listen to them... a lot. It can be hard sometimes though... but Becky is super nice and I'm so lucky to have had the pleasure of talking to her a couple of times. I feel like in a perfect world I feel how she is... she is perfection.... seriously. (I'm not saying I feel perfect but in a perfect world I would be her) ...I probably sound like a nutcase but just observe...

Her voice is magical and this music video is stunning.

"Oh I could sail the world, search through the darkest waters but...
I'd never find these golden eyes..."

And this song is just as dreamy as the first.

"Oh, sweet orchard, let forgiving strands of light...
Break my silence, burn the night..."

Not only is her voice perfect (I know I'm saying perfect a lot here but I can't help it!)
But also, some of her artwork is the best I have ever seen and inspires me SO much!

Her sense of vintage style and those gorgeous locks inspires me to be more like her. I need to have that hair somehow. Curse bad hair genes!

I could go on for days on how amazing and inspiring she is. But alas, I am off to paint for a YouTube project and I need to study make-up for work!

Thank you for reading and think lovely thoughts!

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  1. Ah that's so cool, she drew one of my favorite album's covers! Lydia's Illuminate is a great album, you should check it out if you haven't already :)