02 January, 2013

Snowflakes on my eyelashes

It's been a very tough year for Thomas and I. What with moving from a horrible environment in Utah (twice) to another awkward place in Washington, barely scraping by even with food stamps. But, we ended the year with a place of our own (finally!) and we are making sure this year will be the best so far. It sort of HAS to only go up from here, right?

    Christmas was lovely, even though I didn't get anything I wanted, I am SO grateful for what I did get and I love my boyfriend and mother dearly for doing their best to make it special. I know money is tight so I didn't expect much in the first place. All I can really ask for is my loved ones be healthy and happy!
My gifts from my mama consisted of gorgeous thermal socks and leggings that I did desperately need. As well as some body spray, gloves, nail polishes and a few cute make-up kits. I know she is struggling herself and I just love her so much. 
Thomas and I made a deal that we wouldn't get each other anything since I am pretty broke and it wouldn't really be fair. Alas, he surprised me Christmas morning with Season Six of I Love Lucy and a gorgeous necklace! He is the sweetest man I've ever known. Even if he broke the rules :) I made sure my mama got him what he asked for though, a foreman grill, and he was so thrilled!!!!

Isn't it LOVELY?

     Probably the most unflattering photo of me ever but it was freakin' early and me not being a morning person is a HUGE understatement (like I seriously get very sick in the morning). But I had to show off my "Santa hat" which was of course my steam punk mouse ears I got at Disneyland in October.

Alice loved her gifts... all the wrapping paper! (we also got her some treats too, of course!)

A few days after Christmas it snowed (finally) So we took a little walk to get some photos.

this is the view from our apartment! (that's our car on the right)

That is all for now, I need to get some music ready for certain packages to send out to Hawaii! Annnd I should probably do some more painting. Which brings up the matter of my New Years Resolutions... write more, post more videos on youtube, start a photography business, paint at least once a week and get more serious with my etsy page, travel more, get a job at Disneyland, annnnnd probably lose weight/get in shape!

Happy 2013!!!!

And Think Lovely Thoughts!


  1. All those times you struggle make you better and more capable of having times of success. Overcoming this will help you overcome anything. :) The Christmases filled with only love will be the ones you remember most fondly!

  2. what a lovely blog post. your so talented. this was very well put together, and very pleasant to read. i very mush like your blog <3

  3. Love this. Love you. I really like those Christmas lights in the trees photos. And nicely done, Thomas!!! I'm glad he loves you so much and takes care of you. Miss yous!