09 January, 2013

New Talent Wednesday - Princess Chelsea

I think I have decided to start segments about writing/photography/art things/fashion. Since today I'm in the mood to expose some talent, I'l call this New Talent Wednesday. Tuesday might have fit better, but whatever. Then I'll have Outfit of the Days on some other day, etc...
    Maybe if I try to make a schedule I'll get more motivated to write more/better. I really just want to connect to as many bloggers as I can but, I'm even unpopular online... and thats kind of sad.

Anyways, I did to another Talent highlight of Eisley a few weeks ago, so please check that out and comment if you could... I don't care what you say but comments make me feel validated... I suppose.

OK so today we are going to be highlighting...

Princess Chelsea!

The Cigarette Duet
"It's just a cigarette that I got from Jamie Lee..."
"Oh she's gonna get a smack and I'm gonna give you three"

Chelsea Nikkol aka Princess Chelsea is a gorgeous and talented singer/songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. Isn't she adorable? I have the EXACT pair of heart shaped sunglasses and a wig just like that too! I am meant to be her.
"Julia... what do you see in him?
                                  Painting lines of the back of a cookie tin."

Miss Chelsea is so SO gorgeous in this video... I just ... she is perfect. PERFECT. And so adorable.

That's all for now... coming up next will be some Outfits of the days! 
If you can think of anything you'd like me to write about feel free to give me tips to improve my blog! 

Think Lovely Thoughts ~


  1. lol, you are not unpopular on-line! That's such a small sample of population. Although, the blogging world does remind me a lot of HIgh School. The same circle of girls all "button swap" or some shit with each other and if you don't find your own circle to follow and swap and promote with, you get lost in the crowd. Whatever, I like you and I like your blog :)

    1. Aw, thanks Berta! You are so sweet :)
      The whole internet is like High School, especially FaceBook and twitter. I love youuuu <3

  2. I love your new talent wednesday!!! I saw this band on the side bar of a Grimes music video on youtube THEY ARE GREAT!