11 January, 2013

"Berfday" Wishes

Oh dear, I can't believe I'm this old already!? How do people deal with the fact that they are aging so much every year! I still don't want to grow up. I could go onto a depressive rant but I'm supposed to think lovely thoughts... *eye roll*

and P.S. I spelt "berfday" like that because it's sort of a running joke between Thomas and I since that was his "lovely thought" to Peter Pan in Hook. So... yeah.

Ever since I was celebrating my birthday I would go to Disneyland. I turned 3 (or 4) here...

Literally every year up until we moved to Utah - Washington. Well that's okay, because when we move back in a few months, I'll be going at least every weekend.And this year I'm going to Seattle for two days.... so excited!!!

What I want still applies from my Christmas blog. Although Thomas promised a "Spirit Hood" But I can't find a good one online that's in the budget so I might have to settle for a fox one instead of wolf. I really love foxes too though, so that's ok.

Other things I'd want for a perfect birthday:

I do plan to start making some of these soon, though.

I long string lights of any kind, but I'm a huge fan of the lantern ones!

I've been a fan of Peter Pan Collars for years, I love this top from Forever21!
These shoes from Modcloth.com are on the expensive side, but Mary-Jane style shoes are my FAVORITE.

These tights, also from Modcloth.com, are so dreamy!

I really need somewhere to hang my purse and sweaters, and scarves, etc! These caged birds from Modcloth.com would look prefect in my apartment! (Although I would have to paint them black...)

And this amazing coat hanger wall decal is just lovely! From lakeshoreiron.com

This gorgeous handbag from Modcloth.com would be perfect on my side! It's almost too cute!

Modcloth.com has the most amazing coats... like.... I want ten of them as bad as this one but I do adore this one!

Okay I'm going stop with this now. I might possibly blog again tomorrow about my art? Not sure yet.

Goodbye and think Lovely Thoughts!


  1. If I had all the money in the world I would buy you your wish list!
    I hope you had a spectacular birthday my dear!! <3 you are mighty special.

  2. What a cute list, love the handbag.