07 December, 2012

My favorite musicians ever... The Duprees.

     Recently the very lovely and inspiring Sasssquatch made a post about her five favorite underrated female musicians and it inspired me to make a post about my top five favorite musicians ever, which is what I was initially going to do. But upon writing about my top favorite band ever, I decided to only dedicate the post to these guys because honestly, I have too much to say about them and I'd like to get to bed sometime tonight. But I promise more band posts coming soon!


   There aren't enough words in the English language to describe how much I adore/love/worship this band and The Duprees in general. I have been obsessed with them since I discovered them in 2005 by chance on a blog.
Not only are they ALL RELATED (can we say most talented family ever!?) but the Dupree's have been writing and performing since they were literally children. The youngest sister Stacy was merely EIGHT YEARS OLD YOU GUYS, and only sixteen when Eisley released their first album, Room Noises, in early 2005.

Here is the initial song that made me fall in love with the band. I mean seriously, how can you NOT love this!???? It gives me chills to this day.

"dreary birds parade across the dreary sky but down below... 
      the woman absent-mindedly begins to sew, how she sews the seeds her husband loved so much, 
but he's no longer here with us..."

    I can't move on from this album without also showing off this amazing musical gem (which I believe is to be their first official video?) and probably my favorite from the entire album... which is a LOT to say considering every song is a magical experience.

"I glimpsed a bat with butterfly wings
Oh what marvelous things..."

Moving onto their next album, Combinations. Released in 2007, this might be my favorite album of theirs, though it might have to do with the fact that I listened to it everyday while working at Disneyland and it brings back fond memories. I really don't know if I can even pick and choose favorites, but for the sake of this post, I shall try!

The first single from their second album that they released absolutely blew me away. It is quite different than anything from the first album but not any less amazing. And the music video! ... how can they manage to be so perfect in every way?

"All in time, you will be one of us, painless, us, blameless....
Go to sleep, this won't hurt a bit, shifting your shape to our shells."

   Dear lord, just reading the lyrics gives me goosebumps. And upon re-watching this video... I can't even blink. I could probably watch it a million times in a row and still dream about watching it some more. I am so lame I tear up... this band was made for me to obsess over. I almost wish something so perfect didn't exist so I can stop thinking about it.

Unfortunately, they don't have too many music videos. So I'm just going to move onto their next album, but I strongly recommend listening to the rest of the album (along with every single song ever), especially my personal favorite song on it, Combinations, featuring the most whimsical instruments you've probably ever heard, and have never heard of.

   Next up is the album The Valley, released in 2011. Comparing to their previous records, this one has a much more personal feel to it. Just like a real valley, everyone, including this lovely band, goes through ups and downs. You can definitely get the feel for that while listening to each song as they struggle with personal toils such as finding a secure label to support their artistic tastes. Still, even with a slightly darker tone... they still manage to sound just as whimsical and mesmerizing as their first album. As shown here in the very gorgeous song/video, Smarter, their struggles will only make them stronger. And smarter, of course.

"If I sound angry, I'm sorry, this body can only cry for so long...
and if you want to blame me, then go on... I'm smiling now because I'm smarter than you think."

Next up on this wonderful album is the title song. This video is glorious to watch even when muted (but who would want to do that!?) I just adore the futuristic steam-punk feel they incorporate into it.
This is the latest in their music video antics, as we all impatiently wait for their next full album and videos.

"I walked all night, and typically that's fine...
But I might try sleeping for a bit."

I really don't want to make this into a novel, but PLEASE listen to this entire album, as in my own humble opinion.... the rest of the album gets increasingly better.

As we await the for their forth album, they thankfully have been releasing more and more EPs. So if you are impressed with what I have shown you so far, look up the mini-album they recently released entitled Deep Space. The songs are extremely different from ANYTHING they have done but still worth a listen! They also have a TON of old/new singles floating around the interwebs.... and are all just as amazing.

In the meanwhile, Eisley member Stacy Dupree has started up her own solo project, Sucre. I am not just saying this as the biggest Eisley fan in the universe... but her debut album "A Minor Bird" has easily made this "band" my second favorite of all time (even though there is only one album so far!). In fact, it's almost tied with Eisley itself.
Just take a gander at her first music video, "When We Were Young". It is simply dreamy, as all of her songs are.

"Oh, it won't be easy, as you reach your final end...
When our days are spent, and I watch you transcend."

I can't even comprehend how ...amazing the entire album is. Amazing is not the right word, I don't think there IS a word for what I'm trying to say. Oh well. Just listen for yourself.

I have to end this now, but I cannot do that before mentioning that the other main Eisley singer, Sherri Dupree, has also started her own musical solo project called Perma. Though still in the works with her wonderful husband Max Bemis from the well-known band Say Anything, it definitely looks to be a promising basket of eargasms. Sorry, I'm tired and running out of complimentary words for this family.

Ironically enough, Sherri is also my favorite artist of all time. I can't get enough of her artwork and how much detail and personality she puts into each and every drawing. Does their talent ever end? See for yourself...

She has hundreds of drawings just like this, with crazy detail and originality. She will also take requests! I know as soon as I can afford it, I am going to ask her to make me a Peter Pan inspired drawing featuring Thomas and I. :)
Don't hesitate, visit Sherri's Art Page NOW!

Did I mention that their little sister, Christie Dupree, also has a band? I will be for sure highlighting it in my next musical entry, so look out for it! The Dupree's are taking over the world, and I am first in line to say "we're not worthy!"
And on a side note, all three sisters are pregnant! AND not to mention that one of the male Eisley member's wife is ALSO pregnant! HOW ADORABLE IS THAT!???
Well, Stacy JUST gave birth to her little one, but it is still stupidly cute.

Please follow me if you enjoyed this, it took ages and hardships to get through it... but for these guys, it's totally worth it!
I plan to update more with Outfit of the Days, my art and photography, videos, and of course my many modeling gigs I have been doing lately!

Good Night, and think Lovely Thoughts!

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