15 November, 2012


It's been sort of a rough transition coming back here to Washington. I couldn't even fathom being away from my boyfriend for a month and now it's so weird to be here again. I know I'll get used to it again in a week or so, but everything here is so different from my parent's house in California. I know that if it weren't for my medication, especially xanax, I would be a total wreck. It is still hard but at least I can function.

I'm trying to occupy my time with job hunting (UHG), making videos on youtube and vyou, painting, writing, and reading. I just need someone to talk to. Not just a therapist but just a friend or two. Even if it's just online, but I feel like I am horrible at keeping relationships. It gets frustrating and I stopped trying for a while, but I want to try again. I am just scared to.

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  1. I miss your face! Actually, I miss all your faces (you make a lot of them in this video).