29 October, 2012

Not a zombie anymore!

"I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself you see."

     Hi there! My name is Jen, and I was born in the winter of 1985 in Palm Springs, California. I now live in the Pacific North-West with my boyfriend of six years, Thomas, in an apartment with our kitty cat, Alice. However, we are saving up to move back to Southern California in 2013 (Los Angeles).

    We met because he was a lost boy in the movie Hook (my all-time favorite movie), and I stalked him on MySpace. Then we officially met at Disneyland in front of the Indiana Jones ride because we both lived near Anaheim.

  Currently I am inspiring to be an illustrator or painter or photographer, I'm not quite sure yet. So I  am now working as a beauty adviser at Macy's, while modeling and selling art on the side. I am currently still working on my etsy page so please be patient and visit!

 I love to dress up on a daily basis, but sometimes I can't resist a pair of jeans when I'm lazy. I ADORE mary-jane shoes, peter pan collars and vintage things.  I am addicted to coffee and unsweetened tea but only when they are iced.
I'm very girly in many ways but I could spend hours playing video games. My music taste is VERY girly, however, as I prefer pretty female singers with dreamy voices. My Top Three are: Eisley, Sucre and The Honey Trees.
I'm in love with Disneyland. I have worked in EPCOT in Orlando, and Disneyland in California.

     I guess that's it for now, feel free to follow me because I'm super nice! You can also add me on other sites like tumblr & twitter  & youtube OH&& vyou
(currently working on updating all of them)


  1. what a crazy story about you and your man!! Its like it was written in the stars!!!

    1. I know! It was totally meant to be! :)