02 November, 2011

Yep, stuff

Tomorrow I have to go to the doctor's and I'm pretty scared. I don't know what to expect.

I'm not really sure how to make friends on this site. I'm so used to LiveJournal... it's weird.

I've been pretty uninspired lately. But we might have made friends our age who seem awesome, and one is from San Lois Obispo! I really want to live there if not only for The Honey Trees... but working at Disneyland again would probably be much more inspiring. I don't know if I could have any other job, I don't think I'm good enough to have a real career. At least not one that I'm happy with. I was always happy at Disney.
The problem is that I can't use a job with my hands much. My arthritis and pinch nerves are getting worse. I probably shouldn't be writing so much or attempting NaNoWriMo, but oh well.

I'm not ready for the snow. My body hates the cold, a LOT. I never realized it until I lived here (in Utah). So I'm feeling better about moving to California again. I miss not having malls or wal-marts or REAL restaurants.

This is all kinds of random. A couple weeks ago, Tom's grandma died of natural causes. She had a brain tumor that hurt her constantly. She had died two years ago and was brought back, which she was super pissed about. The month before she passed she started refusing food and water. We were as ready as we could be but it was still heart breaking when she did. I saw her about 15 minutes after she died. It was the first time I had ever seen a dead person in real life... and it was emotional trying.
A few days later Tom's family got together for a small cremation ceremony in The Valley of Fire, which is about 40 minutes from Vegas. It was such a gorgeous place, I couldn't even begin to describe it. Anyways, Tom read an amazing poem he had written and we said prayers, and left.

Last year I lost my Grandpa (on Thanksgiving) and now that I work at a Senior Citizen Center I'm seeing illness and death all around me. Perhaps another reason why I've been too down to do much.

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