16 April, 2011

Photographs and bravery

30 challenge, let's see if I can keep it up!

Day One - Photo of yourself and ten facts.

One from the most recent professional photoshoot

Ten Facts:
  • I've lived in the desert almost my whole life.
  • I sing in the car all the time. and dance in front of the mirror.
  • I've worked for Disney twice, Disneyland & WDW.
  • I'm suppose to be in physical therapy 3 times a week, due to arthritis and scoliosis, but I can't afford it. Same with my therapist.
  • I really really really consider myself lucky to have my boyfriend back. Our relationship is better and stronger than ever, although stress in getting us a bit cranky.
  • My biggest fear is causing a car crash and hurting someone else.
  • My doctor changes my medications a lot (especially right now) so I'm not acting much like myself. Starting new meds is very hard to go through, and still kind of having abandonment issues.
  • I am 1/4 German, and a mix between Scottish and British.
  • My name means white spirit in celtic, and was branched from the name Gwenevere.
  • Ice coffee is my favorite drink.
This journal will remain public, but I do have a private journal for writing more personal stuff.

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