21 August, 2010


Apparently I'm no good at writing. Oh well.

Yesterday was Thomas' birthday ... we treated ourselves to gourmet pizza (Sbarro... stuffed broccoli and spinach pizza). There is a hat that he wants, but it's a bit expensive. There's also a game he wants. I feel bad because I can't really afford it, but it's his freakin' birthday. Uhg... paying rent is LAME.

I've been working a lot (I caught TWO mice at work. Yes... caught) ...they should probably do something about that. The mice are awfully cute, though.
And I have also seen "Vampire's Suck" and "Scott Pilgrim."

Tom is at his birthday party that I should be at but have been way too sick to really do anything, so I am probably going to bed.

In memory of the beach...

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