17 September, 2009

Apparently I have one follower so hurray! Pretty much nobody will be reading this.

The job with re-mart totally fell through, and for an insane reason. Basically, long story short, the guy that got us the job, has a wife that for some reason is really jealous of me so she decided to take her raging jealousy out on us.
So we're just about dirt broke, with bills piling up. The electricity got shut off today which was amazingly stressful and resulting in going to pawn shops and me almost selling my camera, which I will probably have to eventually anyways. ... But I can get more for it on Craigslist than a pawn shop.
I have been searching far and wide for work still to no avail. Why is nobody hiring? This town sucks, and I'm kind of starting to lose hope. I really want to believe things will work out, but I'm just not sure. Tom deserves better than me.

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  1. Man that's sucky. They don't have any student jobs at your school or anything? I guess that'd be far to travel anyway. Well hope you can find something soon.