20 August, 2009

Dailybooth! Jobs! Ummm... wedding?

I want to stress again for you to visit my dailybooth! I only have one friend on there and I feel quite lonely. More people should sign up!

Anyways, I just got hired at a place called Re-Mart. It's a super store that sells items other places don't want (mostly because they are damaged, missing pieces, etc) for really cheap.
Don't worry, I'm not working behind the counter at minimum wage. I'll actually be in the back, doing inventory and pricing the items. Thomas (who has been working there a week already) says it's fun and amazingly easy, and we choose our own hours! And most of the time the workers there are just surfing the web anyways since it's so lax. AND it's $10.00 (the most I've ever been paid minus being a scenic painter at Knott's) AND under the table... .NO TAXES!
I'm also starting a free-lance graphic design job with a company called Non Stop Label. ... but I probably won't get much work from them for a while since I'm still so new to it, but I start training tomorrow.

So I'll be working at Re-mart full time, NSL whenever they send me stuff, plus I still have school part time (though with the homework they give me, it so feels like full time. I'll be working on homework for at least 25 hours this week alone, and that's not counting the eight hours I spend in class).
Honestly I have my doubts that I won't be able to handle it. I'm sure to most it doesn't sound like much, but the anxiety disorder I have is for this kind of stuff... being busy and working and doing things I don't enjoy doing, not getting enough sleep, not being able to do anything I like to do, etc... and I'm afraid I'll start hating my life and I get panic attacks. I'm not worried about the jobs so much, but I'm not really liking the classes I have this quarter and they require SOOO much work that I dread doing it so badly that I end up crying. Silly, I know. I get overwhelmed pretty easily.

Anyways.... trying not to think of that stuff right now...
I'm taking Mormon 'lessons' in order to get baptized. I was actually supposed to get baptized this Saturday, but I've miss too many of the lessons for various reasons so I have to push it back a few weeks.
But um, there's a problem... the Bishop won't baptize me if I'm living with Thomas, since we're not married. So, he either has to move out until we get married, or we get married.
So... I guess it's really not so much of a problem as just scary... we don't want to be separated.... so we might be getting married in the next couple weeks.
It won't be the 'real' wedding, since I want an actual decent wedding, (tea party themed!), so we'll probably just get hitched so it's legal. Then, in about a year, we'll have our public wedding. Is that lame? I really wish we could afford a wedding right now, but we can't, and I'd like it to be nice, you know?
I don't know... things are crazy. We don't have any real plans... and I don't even have a ring.... or dress.... or anything. *sigh*
Comments/ questions/ tips would be marvelous.

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